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About Sizemore & Associates, CPA's PLLC

Sizemore & Associates, CPA's PLLC is dedicated to providing accounting services, tax strategies, and financial consulting to faith-based organizations like churches, church-related non-profits, parochial schools, and colleges. We'll help you establish irreproachable accounting practices, manage and track donations, and comply with complex government regulations. All our accounting and tax solutions are designed to keep your finances in order while planning for the future of your organization.

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We believe that listening is the foundation of a lasting client relationship built on trust and respect. We encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation so we can get acquainted with you and your faith-based organization. Our goal is to provide financial leadership, guidance and advice that you can really use to maintain your organization and better serve your community. 

Mark Sizemore, CPA

Mark Sizemore CPA

Mark Sizemore is an experienced financial leader with over 20 years working with public, private and non-profit organizations. His experiences shape his unique ability to diagnose and solve problems facing your church. His ability to see the big picture and develop appropriate strategies will enable your church to achieve the desired results.

Mark understands your mission. He has been involved in church service all his adult life. Your focus as pastor, elder or leader should be in carrying out your calling. Helping you develop and implement financial accountability in your church is his calling.

Your commitment as the leader of the organization to accountability is the first step toward financial integrity. Mark will empower your church to move further down the road by helping implement sound financial management, developing transparency into the financials as well as instituting sound compensation practices. All along the way, Mark will help your organization address challenges as they arise.

Mark is a Florida Certified Public Accountant and has a Masters of Accountancy from the University of North Florida and Bachelors Degrees from both the University of Florida and the University of North Florida. He looks forward to putting his skills to work for your organization.